A very sexy virtual barwoman!

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The super-geniuses at Beer.com have created a must-see marketing campaign. The Virtual Bartender is an online video feature that allows visitors to interact with a beautiful barkeep and her friends just by typing in commands. When Tammy recognizes a command, such as "pour me a beer," "dance on the bar" or "fight like a Jedi," she happily carries out the task.

The star of the bar is Tammy Plante, cover girl for Playboy's College Girls issue this month. Unlike most blondes, Tammy won't do anything you tell her to do. When you ask if I could give her a donkey punch, she looked at me quite confused, but luckilly "fuck my brains out," "take me up the ass," and "give me a hummer" led to more comical results.

It turns out that she really only understands keywords, but it's a lot more fun to type "ride me like a cowgirl" than "cowgirl." A few other keywords I found as I spent several wonderful hours getting to know Tammy are lapdance, pillow fight, suck, nuts and strip--although I found strip by typing "strip like the whore that you are" before shortening it.

Some more commands you can try for Tammy are:
dance, bar, banana - eat, dog - downward, yoga, lap - dance - seduce - pushup, aerobic - pushup, bar - splits - surf, jumpingjack - exercise - jump - perform, bottle - give, butt - show, butt - shake - spin, breast - grab, toes - grab - bend, gymnastics - perform, gym, breast - squeeze, topless, breast - show, groin - knee, man - knee, can - show, magic - perform, rope - play, hoolahoop, robot - perform, leimek, shadow - box, boxer - box, tickle - tickle, karate, handstand, kung-fu, jiu-jitsu, shirt - remove - kiss, girl, jedi - fight, pillow - fight, hair, beer - give, riverdance, joke - laugh, tongue - stick, head - pat, orgasm - pretend, stomach - rub, macarena - dance, beer - pour, beer - give, beer - pour, dance, bar, danceMovie - dance, bar, tap - dance, naked - strip, stripper - strip, clothes - remove, cowboy - pretend, headbang, airguitar, guitar, magazine - look, pitcher - get, light - give, cap - throw, sunshine, number - give - call - bow - sleep, math - dance, bar, rapper - rap, supermodel - model, breast - lick, wet, lollipop - lick, hummer - give - dance, bar, blowjob - give, clothes - remove - punish, sex, head - blow, gun - shoot - wave, angry, message - communicate - kiss, hat, beer - serve, beer - give, muscle - flex, man - become ...
Or try compinations of the above.. You can find the action menu and the clips played in xml format at: www.virtualbartender.beer.com/TammyClips.xml

Cheers! Happy surf & play at
Tammy Plante - Virtual Bartender, Beer.com

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