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IT basshadows proudly present Gaudi live

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Mέλος από: Aug 30, 2012
Μηνύματα: 36

ΜήνυμαΣτάλθηκε: Τρίτη 16 Απρ 2013, 22:54 GMT    Τίτλος Μηνύματος: IT basshadows proudly present Gaudi live Απαντηση με παραβολή κειμένου

IT Basshadows & Darknet Promotion Present
GAUDI Live in ATHENS 27 April 2013
| Opening ACT : DIRECT CONNECTION | Support DJsets : Insom
ft. Mc Yinka & Junior X

GAUDI - Greece exclusive new album launch "In between times" (SixDegrees Records).-special guest Uk vocalist Danny Ladwa.


Τα πρώτα 50 tickets στα 12 ευρώ στο http://gaudiliveathens.eventbrite.com/#
Τα επόμενα 100 tickets στα 15 ευρώ στο http://gaudiliveathens.eventbrite.com/# & στο ΙΤ κλεισόβης 10 [tel:2111838446]
Τα υπόλοιπα στα 20 ευρώ στο http://gaudiliveathens.eventbrite.com/# & στο ΙΤ κλεισόβης 10 [tel:2111838446]


Gaudi's innovative approach to live performance and versatility as a producer has kept him at the forefront of his field throughout a notable and prolific career. His music is stylistically hard to pin down as he is an artist in constant evolution. His musical exploration, over the last 30 years in the industry, has however seen him foray into punk, new wave, dub and reggae, world, experimental electronica and 'stuff that rocks dancefloors'.. he has however got deep roots, which run like a vein throughout his music, and they are in the big basslines and spacious soundscapes of dub and the anarchic sonic potential of the world of electronic music... where anything's possible.

He's a full time internationally touring solo artist, a studio producer in demand and a respected musical innovator. He's had chart hits, gold discs and awards & nominations for his work; he has released 12 solo albums, has more than 250 productions and 90 remixes to his name and his tracks feature on more than 120 compilations... There is however no resting on laurels for this London-based, international bass man.

Gaudi's been up to rather a lot over the last 30 years so to save you having to wade through the whole history... find the section you need by clicking on the relevant link below...


Direct Connection is a collective musical effort which organized SUB +DUB, its own Dub laboratory in Athens in 1998, in order to explore the correlations among rythm, psycedelia and echo-chromatism. Direct Connection is a live band which converts the studio into a dynamic implement and composes groovy sound phenomena in real time. Direct Connection are randomly various facts which interact, as they are, transforming collective genius into music and video

INSOM (UrbanDanja.Ammunition) Drum&Bass-Jungle set

Insom aka. Gabriel Mentis was born in 1987 and raised in Athens, Greece.From an early age Gabriel began classical music studies, learning to play the violin and participating in school bands. Insom was his graffiti name for years.In 2002 he discovered cubase.After awhile of learning how to lay down beats he upped his style by producing Drum & Bass, mostly Neurofunk. He is also known to produce dubstep, breaks, hip hop beats for mc's and experimental sounds.

In 2006, with his good friends Oze & Artizda formed the Urban Danja crew, and from there the partying began. Urban Danja crew has organised and headlined all over greece, including international guests such as Nocturnal, Ble3k, Trei, C-Sonix, amongst others. Insom has been performing since 2006 and has played in many places around Greece and Spain, since 2009 he is one of the most active D&B djs in Greece.

He has participated and played in festivals and parties such as, 'Athens Legalize Protestival' for the last four years, 'Athens Digital Week' 2010, and 'Music and Culture' festival 2011. During these times he has played alongside international dj's such as Dose, Data, Nocturnal, Chris SU, Tunnidge, Disphonia, Mc Coppa and many others. In 2007 he had his first track from netlabel and in 2009 his first free EP 'Fire' and in 2010 his second free EP 'Leaden'. In 2011 he had his first official release with the track "Times of Terror", which came out on Germans biggest Drum & Bass label Trust In Music on their "Last second chance" EP. Till the end of 2011 he has released his EP "Mineral" on Spain's Melting Pot Records and many tracks in labels such as Dangerous new Age , Vim Records , Dephunked , Breathe , Extent & In Da Jungle.

In 2012 he releases "Opposite Direction" in Genome's "Lightworkers" EP, and he has 2 forthcoming EPs in Close 2 Death & Trust in Music.All this time he gives free tracks via his soundcloud or other sites.Insom has remixed, been remixed and collaborated with artists such as Ble3k, Myselor, Qhymera, Braincrack, Anthrax, Fleck, Oze, Halobeatz, Rapsodos Filologos, Hardnoise and others. He is also part of "Dub Riots" , a future dub - electro dub & dubstep project with his friend iGL formed in 2008. His tracks are receiving major DJ support lately, and the future seems exciting!

Junior X Set

Manos style can be described melodic downtempo to atmospheric soundscaping .... Many years in DJ work around Greece , almost a veteran in music with knowledge and true love to what he does .... more of him at . Zuvuya Gathering II - Chios Greece 2004 , Aurora Greece 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 . Athens Legalize Protestival 2012 . Ambient Revolution 2012 Athens & Thessaloniki Greece . Jembalang Gathering 2012 Greece . Tree of Life 2012 Izmir Turkey . Homer Music Festival Chios Greece . Aurora 2012 Greece . Indie Free Festival Athens 2012 . Free Open Air 2012 - Palenque - Chiapas, Southern Mexico . Ambient Revolution 2013 Athens & Thessaloniki Greece. Tree of Life 2013 Izmir Turkey
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