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Tripswitch 1st Time w/ Babag - Dark Q - Max Million

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Mέλος από: Aug 30, 2012
Μηνύματα: 36

ΜήνυμαΣτάλθηκε: Τετάρτη 7 Νοε 2012, 21:07 GMT    Τίτλος Μηνύματος: Tripswitch 1st Time w/ Babag - Dark Q - Max Million Απαντηση με παραβολή κειμένου

Tripswitch 1st Time w/ Babag - Dark Q - Max Million

IT & 7Sins proudly present


A mainstay of the British downtempo scene for almost 10 years, Tripswitch (Nick Brennan) achieved a worldwide reputation as a meticulous and talented producer with the release of his first album 'Circuit Breaker' on Youth's Liquid Sound Design label in 2005. With a 4* review in DJ magazine, praise from Anoushka Shankar in the New York Times, BBC Radio 1 airplay as well as support from the likes of Nick Warren (Way Out West), Jose Padilla (Cafe del Mar) and Claude Challe (Buddha Bar), who all picked up tracks for their own compilations, the album was re-released as a double CD package in 2007 with remixes from some of the world's top dance and chill artists.

Nick launched his own label Section Records in 2010 with the release of the 2nd Tripswitch long player "Geometry", followed by a string of critically acclaimed singles and EPs which have attracted support from the likes of Orbital, Chris Lake, Mumdance, Way Out West and Kasey Taylor and glowing reviews in the music glossies. Nick has contributed pro tips to Computer Music magazine, works closely with Pioneer Pro DJ and his guest mixes are regularly featured on radio shows/ stations such as Ninja Tunes Solid Steel, Radio 1 CZ, Camden Roundhouse Radio and RTE Pulse.

He is also an in-demand remixer, supplying his treatment to tracks by The Orb, System 7, Joey Fehrenbach, Aba.


Babag [Swiss/Gr/Mahamaya]

My name is George Rafailis. I 'm originally greek - from Corfu island - but was born and lived most of my life here in Switzerland and in Asia, mainly Thailand and India. I got many nicknames or alteregoes but the most known one is Babag - with which i'm known in my restaurant Mahamaya and as dj. Music was always my big love and since 1988 i worked in clubs, promoted live gigs and events, worked as music agent and had a small record label for 2 years. but after 12 years of this business I retired' and i 'm actually running an indian restaurant together with a indian friend here in Berne – the Mahamaya. A dream (the restaurant) i had since a lot of years, after my extensive travels to india and southeastasia came true.

In Asia i first came into contact with psytrance music 1993. i loved it right away. i could not believe my ears and the response of my heart to it. since then it has been a love affair with this kind of music, but with the years i also started to listen more and more ambient and chilled tunes. This music played and plays all the time at home and in the restaurant and much more places I am, more.

Since my retirement from the promoting, i started djing again. the main music i play are ambient, progressive and minimal with that progressive twist. I play and played at many private and semi-private parties & events, but also in the QC swiss sunday chill sessions, or at the lounge of queersicht 05 & 07 (an intl. filmfestival here), as well at places like the Mumbai palace, gurtenfestival 06,07,08 & 09, at the Lounge b21 of the htl. zurichberg in Zurich 06 - 09 (chill'in with a view), bar Rouge in basel and in the Mahamaya of course.

Most local places and clubs in Berne - like the Wasserwerk club, sous-soul, isc, reitschule, formbar, dampfzentrale, progr, bassment and some more. mahamaya shanti sunday events, fraka sound switzerland, Fullmoon festival Germany 2005 & 06, Universo Paralello festival 07/08, bahia, brazil, boom festival 08, Portugal, Boutique 08, playground 08/09, club Elf, Bassment, Streetparade 09, Aurora festival 09, Greece, Duo club, Bienne, Ambonight, Berne, Mystica 2010, Gurtenfestival 2010, presenting the chill-lineup @ Summer Never Ends Festival 2010, organiser of all cosmic soundscapes 2007 - 10, Dbar - Athens, Greece.Gurten festival 2011 (wow!), Mokka, Thun, Ittheplace, Athens, Psychedelic Carneval 6, Xtra, Zurich, Mahamaya blend 2011, Universo Paralello 2011/12, Kapitel, Bern, Gurten festival 2012.

People seems to love my sound and i love to please people with it and to bring smiles into their faces. what more can a dj want to be happy of his set and the music he\is playing for the crowd. The spectrum of the music is big and varies, like in every genre – just one walk out of many - into the ocean of ambient & contemporary electronic music


Born & located in Athens, Greece. Max has been involved in many projects since 2002. Often described as unlabeled, his music explores a quite unique symbiosis of melodic acoustic & electronic sounds,atmospheric soundscapes, set to the backdrop of downtempo rhythms & sprinkled with optimism filtered melancholy. He remains dedicated to the learning-process in order to explore further frontiers of sound design.


Dj Qses(aka Dark Q) [Savva Records]

Dark Q is George Kiouses from Athens,Greece. His first contact with electronic music was on 1996 at his first open air party after 4 years starts to play like a dj with influences of scandinavian djs and producers like (Atmos-Son Kite-Ticon-Vibrasphere etc).

Q runs his own web radio Electrocaine Radio since 2007 till now,Electrocaine became famous in 78 countries all over the Globe. 2011 Q joined the crew of Savva Records as Dj, Savva Records is located in Northern Germany and Support Actively the Progreesive Scence. Q except as a dj parallel works for the world of Aviation. If you havent heard of Drak Q by now then where have you been hiding?


price : 10 euro with beer / starting 00:00

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