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Romantic, mysterious and passionate, Emma Shapplin combines the emotional drama of opera with the sensual allure and immediacy of pop music. A great voice as a ringing proof that music can not be placed in categories and can not obey to rules or conformism. After the success of "Spente le stelle" and the incredible sales of the album "Carmine Meo" which broke the record of 1.500.000 copies, Emma Shapplin comes to Athens to fascinate the Greek audience. Her recent album Eterna reveals neither an operatic diva nor a pop idol but a visionary artist whose music comes from her soul. Emma Shapplin comes at last for three magic nights at Big Top Theatre.

Emma Shapplin was born in Paris in 1974 she recalls as a young girl she was far too shy even to make a noise let alone to sing. But her musical passions were aroused at the age of eleven when she heard the Queen of the Night from the Magic Flute. Emma admits this as an introduction to the world of music. At the age of fourteen, Emma met a teacher who could help realise her dreams. Emma took lessons with her for two tears and was conviced tha she had found her purpose in life. But she was also approaching an age when her parents were concerned about career prospects and her future.

Her desire to sing did not go away and was soon to re-emerge in a radically different form when she joined a heavy metal band. Although she enjoyed the screaming, she began to miss the music of the opera. She began once again looking for a teacher and enrolled at a music school.yet she found the style of teaching cold and formal, and soon took off with a friend for New York .

Some years later, Emma meets a French composer and pop star Jean- Patrick Capdvielle and she asked him to write an album for her. Carmine Meo was the resulting album, released in 1997 and has now sold in excess of 1,5 million copies. Carmine Meo rose to the top of the charts worldwide. Four years later, Etterna, Emma' s second album, has noticed great success. Especially, the song La notte Etterna became soon one of the favorites songs.

28, 29, 30 of November at the new Big Top Theater of Athens

ΤEL: 210 49.06.300 for info/tickets

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