Happy Easter (again)!

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Let's welcome the new billing policy of our stream provider Live365. A fee increase by 300+% sounds nice, doesn't it?
A new week, a new month and a new season! Let's welcome all these! Let's also welcome the new billing policy of our stream provider Live365. A fee increase by 300+% sounds nice, doesn't it? Indeed, that hurt. And even most hurts the new limitations that comes with it. As the concurrent listeners during our live shows. So, it is possible, due to the low limit to hear on our next live a message saying that the server is full and you cannot listen to our show this moment. Maybe they will prompt you to be a "preferred member" to skip this kind of problems and also listen to our station (and several others hosted by live365) commercial / ad free.

We are currently working on a new private streaming server, but it's an expensive and time consuming solution, so it's going to be a while. Till then we will have to pay every month the extra money, just to be with you on the air! Several months ago, the time before Xmas, live365 also "black mailed" the hosted stations and listeners by making the radios unavailable to every listener that wasn't a member of their site. We found a way to ..bypass that problem. But this time is not possible.

So, if you are annoyed by server's drop outs due to heavy load, or the commercials interrupting our so every 10 - 15 minutes, and also you happen to be an Internet radio maniac, then you should consider joining the live365 community as a preferred member for less than 12 cents / day (actually it's 3.65$ / month). You will get unlimited access to HotStation.gr and thousands of other stations playing all kinds of music, and if you declare us (or someone else) as a favorite station, then you will contribute some cents to our (his) monthly fees to be on the air. Links for that are just bellow..

We had with some serious problems with our stream, especially around Easter early May, with server crashes and unavailable audio messages playing instead of our radio show but the past couple of weeks the server seems steady and available. Let's hope it will stay that way..

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