Penny Ikinger's debut album

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2 years ago we had the pleasure to play the self-released EP of this Australian female guitarist / songwriter. Now her first official cd album is here!

• Electra is the debut solo album from Penny Ikinger. It features ten songs written by Penny, who is also the guitarist on her album.

Emerging as the only female guitarist from the Sydney independent rock scene spawned by Radio Birdman, Penny Ikinger has lent her blitzing guitar style to many of Australia's finest acts - Louis Tillett, Wet Taxis, Sacred Cowboys, Tex Perkins, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, and others.

Relocating to Melbourne, Penny Ikinger has let that city's vibrant songwriting tradition inspire her to venture into deep and mysterious sonic territories.

Moving from instrumentalist to songwriter four years ago, Penny Ikinger released the EP Songs from the Deep in 2001 to a rapturous reception in Australia. The video for the song Kathleen was nominated for an award at The Melbourne Film Festival and the EP received national and international airplay.

With the release of Electra, Penny Ikinger has hit the boards running full speed, without a hint of doubt or hesitation .

Penny Ikinger will be touring the US in the Spring of 2004 as part of the Career Caravan Of Stars

Joining Penny on Electra are friends and musicians: Charlie Owen (mandolin & lap steel), Shamus Goble (drums), bass guitarists Brian Hooper, Rosie Westbrook, and engineer/producer Craig Harnath. Also along are Chris and Wes Harrington, who make a special appearance on backing vocals, Emilie Martin (violin), Cameron Goold (percussion) and assistant engineer Finn Keane (guitar).

The Prelude to Maid Of Orleans was composed for the album by classical composer Gregory Donovan.

Electra was produced by Penny Ikinger and Craig Harnath who also handles the engineering chores at Hothouse Studio, Melbourne, Australia. Craig has a long list of film and TV credits to his name as well as having recorded with artists as diverse as Motor Ace, Even, Dan Brodie, Ice Cream Hands, and Radio Birdman.

Forthcoming Singles: Kathleen, Spinster and Shipwrecked. Also, the video for Kathleen is included to the enhanced CD.

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