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MIKRO are a sensation in Greece and the Greek audience has truly embraced them. This derives from the massive turn-out at their concerts, their nominations at music awards as well as their music selection for well-known ads. At the beginning of December, they released their new album through UNDO/KLIK records.
The four-member group from Thessaloniki returns with its new album, which is titled ‘180 Mires’ [180 degrees (or destinies, as is the secondary meaning)]. This new projects’ main characteristic is the powerful guitars, which literally stimulate your senses. However, MIKRO don’t just stay at that.

The album is distinguished by its sound variety such as the disco aesthetic of “Iptameni Diski” [Flying Records], the ethereal dance melodies on “Chrysallida” [Chrysalis], the electro-punk make-up on “Electroshock”, “Replica” and “Prosopiki Othoni” [Personal Screen], the new-wave track “Dekaochto” [Eighteen] and finally, the electric ballad masterpiece of “180 Mires”, the album’s title track.

There is, however, something that won’t be found in MIKRO’s new project. There is no one-big-hit. There are, on the contrary, plenty and will certainly satisfy as many. This is a project that will impress even by the look of it, as its cover is definitely very unique for Greek standards. A project that will impress even from the first time you listen to it, since its sound gives life to the term Greek Electronica.

Among their new-year plans are many live performances, which apart from intense thrills and unfailing energy and mobility, include video projections. The group specifically designed these projections which are synchronized with their tracks, something that results in the transformation of their music into a magic journey of sounds and images.

You have probably listen already through our daily radio playlist some songs from this project like the "Iptamenoi Diskoi" or "De se Fovamai" alogn with the previous & beloved hits of Mikro's past releases!

MIKRO BIO: Mikro are:

Nikos (Nikonn) : programming, synths, vocals
Ria (Ri@r) : synths, vocals
Yiannis (John-John) : all guitars
Stelios (Chillout Destroyer) : synths, loops, noises

It all started in Thessaloniki, where the 4 guys and girl discovered their mutual passion for music and decided to join their forces in order to make their dream a reality. The name Mikro refers to a measurement and was adopted because it symbolizes the technological evolution, something that perfectly represents the group due to their electronic sound. We first met Mikro in 1999 with the album “To Telos Tou Kosmou” [The End of the World] and that was a cause to end the grumpiness regarding the lack of an electronic scene in Greece. Following their singles “Lathos Kodikos” [Wrong Code], “Stagones” [Drops], “Sfera” [Sphere], “Aspri Sokolata” [White Chocolate] and “To Kalitero sou Lathos” [Your Best Mistake] which move through a break beat, trip hop and easy listening climate, Mikro make another step forward and undergo the soundtrack for the film “E-Mail” which is also their second personal L.P. Their next album titled “Tronik*plasma”, was released in March 2003. The No 1 single “Mikrotronik*plasma” created a quest billow, as it elated all the Mikro-creatures of the planet who relish in cosmic love.

Mikro have given many exquisite concerts such as their Hooverphonic support and later on Morrissey, where they literally stole the show with their on-stage energy. Many other appearances in Greece followed as well as their participation in festivals. The One-day Festival in Athens certainly stood out, where Mikro played live with Ladytron, Client and Depeche Mode’s Andy Fletcher.

In March 2002 they gave an extraordinary concert in London at a club where “MIXMAG’s” parties take place and is the hang-out for Ninja Tune’s projects, Cargo. In a place like this, Mikro proved that their sound has nothing to be jealous of the one from abroad and was also proved by the audience’s enthusiasm, who were not only Greek in majority!

Following this response, Mikro appeared in April 2004 once again in Great Britain (London: Notting Hill’s Art Club, Coventry: Colosseum, Leicester: Sumo). Their concerts were a big hit. Among the spectators in London were members of Archive who didn’t stop dancing at Mikro’s tunes!

Radio producers, on the other hand are happy to play Mikro’s tracks on their shows: from Nick Harcourt, the man who discovered Smashing Pumpkins, to KCRW, an independent radio station in Los Angeles who promotes new music, who accidentally happened to listen to the “Aspri Sokolata” single. Since they discovered Mikro they started playing their album tracks very often on their shows.

Another “impact” arrived from America soon after, this time from Mexico. Some producers from an unconventional TV show (a documentary that follows the creators-leads to the various continents) came to Athens during the Olympic Games summer to get exclusive live shots and an interview by Mikro…

You can visit Mikro's web site at www.mikro.gr or contact them through email at mikro@mikro.gr. Also, you can order their cd online through their label website at www.klikrecords.gr

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