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...Here in Greece we have forthcoming the elections for mayors and the whole situation is a pain in the butt..
Hi non-Greek speaking visitors.. ;-)

Here in Greece we have forthcoming the elections for mayors and the whole situation is a pain in the butt.. The nice part is that almost none of the candidates is actual interesting in taking care and serve the city he is running for mayor, but instead to show how bad the other are, and how good is the party they are representing.. This situation really sucks.. Political parties are running campaigns that actual address to morons.. One more impressing fact is that half Greeks are candidates for members of the municipal's council. You don't believe me? Try this.. If you have any relatives in Greece, call them.. At least one of them will be into this..

Unfortunately, some new (even more stupid) reality shows/games have started again in Greek TV.. People with lame motives, willing to make a fool out of themselves, believing that they are "really special' and "misjudged" for their talents, natural looks, leading abilities, are crowding in several shows, and waiting to be "discovered" in three months from now.. It's really pathetic, but luckily an international phenomenon..

We will be back in your web radios this Thursday once again, to chat and talk about all this stuff, and for everything else that is probably in your mind and you would like to share with us and our audience.. The time is once again 22:00 EET (East European Time).. Send in your song requests at comments, questions and suggestions to and the rest of your personal mail to me! ..

Last, but not least, our deepest wishes to Lykena13 (Kerasia) whos birthday is today! Happy Birthday, Keri! Many happy returns! Also, a big hello to the channel of dreams at Undernet.. Thank you for your support and ..promotion!

Have a great week, everyone!..

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