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...Perhaps, you remember our mid-May story, with George from Germany that asked us to call Roula and let her know his love and affection for her. This weekend I received the following email ...
Compliant with the summer way of living (and especially working) here we are again with our latest news, almost a week after the latest update.. How life is treating you? Fair enough? Hopefully better than that, as I have heard you have been naughty lately.. ;-)

We are going live tonight, so I hope we will have the pleasure to chat with you each one of you live through Hotstation's chatroom later this evening. The time remains the same; 22:00EET (or 12 noon Pacific time, or 15:00 New York, or 19:00 England). Keep in mind that due to technical problems (tanning at Greek beaches) it is possible to have a 10 minutes delay. :-D

Perhaps, you remember our mid-May story, with George from Germany that asked us to call Roula and let her know his love and affection for her. This weekend I received the following email from George;

I just wanted to let you know that I was on Mykonos Island with Roula last week. It was the most beautiful week of my life. We really got to know each other and we will be living together in the very near future in Greece somewhere. The people that I was fortunate to meet were very kind and helpfull in every way. I´ve had many greek colleagues in Germany at the company I work for and always thought there was something special about the Greek people, but my expectations were exceeded. I have only such experiences with people from my home state in Texas. I know there are sour apples in every barrell, but the people I met were open, well, mannered and very hearty. Minas, thanks for your help. Your telephone call to Roula surprised her and she was a bit nervous talking to you on the phone. She has told me to say to you that she is normally not like that at all. Roula is the most beautiful, caring and loving woman that I have ever met in my life. I´m the luckiest and happiest man in the world. I know that our future life together is going to be great. I have no doubts about that. I will move to Greece as soon as possible to begin my life with Roula. I don´t want her to leave Greece and her relatives because she would miss them all the time. I don´t think I would be able to compensate her homesickness. If you don´t mind Minas, I would like to have a drink with you and say thanks personally because words cannot express my gratitude.

Thanks again Minas,

Things seem to develop in the best possible way for George and Roula! Thanks George for letting us know and you have all our wishes for further good luck and happiness for you two!

If it happens to be around Greece this month, keep in mind the following events that will take place the following days. For fans of Greek pop-folk music, on Monday, July 15th Pasxalis Terzis, Glykeria, Gerasimos Andreatos, Sofia Papazoglou and Theodoros Derveniotis will get together at Lykavittos for a live performance. The next day, July 16th, a tribute concert for Nikos Xylouris will take place on the same theater, with the following groups / artists; Thivaios, Psarantonis, Pasxalidis, Anoixti Thalassa, Hainides, Lidakis, Androulakis, Stavrakakis, the actor Kostas Kazakos, and many more.

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