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Lifting off in pop fumes, reaching the heights of post-punk and crashing on the boundaries of post-rock and ambient. Film is a 4-piece alternative pop-rock band from Athens [Greece] with bass guitar-based sound, female voice and tunes filled with a cinematic soundtrack feeling.

The members of the band Film, Costas Borsis (drums), Dimitris Borsis (bass), Makis Drosos (guitars) Eleni Tzavara (vocals) came together to form the band in January of 2000. Bringing together wide influences and previous experiences in music, Film embarked on a sound adventure in search of their own personal style. Mixing electric sounds, melody, words and a love for experimentation, Film set off to find itself.

The resulting sound is best reflected in the theatrical stage performance, pulling in influences from its experimental routes, improvisation, electrical noise, and melodic vocals.

On March 2003 and after two months of recording sessions the band finished their debut album “>/:no luggage” which was released on June 2003 by Hitch Hyke Music. The album received very good reviews by the Greek music Press and the audience as the debut of the year in Greece. Film have played many gigs in Athens with most important the support act for Puressence (2002) and Flaming Lips (2003) gigs in Athens. They were chosen by Brian Molko (Placebo frontman), to open for the Placebo gig in Athens at the Lycabettus Theatre. Film’s performance really amazed the audience and opened the road for a new destination for gigs outside Greece.

Live - Highlights:

- AN Club, Athens
- Ston Aera, Athens - Played as the supporting band for Illegal Operation (renowned band in Greece)
- I FONI (The Voice) - a TV series on channel ET-1 (Greek Public Channel)

- Participated (playing live) for the theatrical play “The time we didn’t know anything about each other” by Peter Handke, which took place at the Experimental Stage of the Greek National Theatre.
- Support band for PURESSENCE 30/11 Gagarin 205, Athens
- Support band for THE FLAMING LIPS 16/03 Gagarin 205, Athens
- Other gigs with Greek indie bands and festivals.
- Support band for PLACEBO 14/09/2003, Lycabettus Theatre, Athens


FILM is a new 4-piece band from Athens. Formed in early 2001 FILM have utilised their time well by squeezing out their first fruitful efforts onto their debut album “ >/:no luggage “. The carefully layered sprawl is a mesh of eclectic beats. This young team have stamped their influences with a new & fresh authority that is usually only encountered in seasoned bands. “ >/:no luggage “ is an hour-long expedition of neo romantic & electronica pop tinged with an experimental edge. Singer Eleni Tzavara’s lovely crystal voice floats freely amongst the cinematic tunes. The 10 album compositions are compact and can all stand up as unique indie gems. This experimental mellow trip is a fine-tuned album teetering on the boundaries of ambient and post rock.

Already FILM has had praise heaped on them after successful live stints supporting PURESSENCE THE FLAMING LIPS & PLACEBO at the respective Athens gigs with an ever-increasing fan base. There is no doubt that FILM will spearhead the resurgence of young and bold talent that is currently being churned out by the fertile art pop scene of Greece. “>/:no luggage “ is an impressive debut for a band that promises to hook our attention on their ascendance.

The Film website

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Μουσικά νέα - Συναυλίες - Δισκογραφία

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