Is it summer yet?

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Did you see any good movies lately? Me neither.. But that's because I didn't go to a movie lately. Movies are coming to me. Speaking of which...
Greetz, around the world! (psss, now I am impressed of myself!!)

Did you see any good movies lately? Me neither.. But that's because I didn't go to a movie lately. Movies are coming to me. Speaking of which... A funny thing about Div-X movies.. You can find rips from the most weird sources. Lately I came across a DVD rip (!!!) of Monster's Ball. It is nomimated for a couple (maybe more) Oscars. So, you are wondering how the hell did the find a DVD of a movie, still on the theatres? Well, (that's the most funny part) it's from a DVD edition for the Oscar committee for the awards!!! Do you believe it? ..You can run but you cannot hide from those guys..!

The weather in Greece is getting hotter and hotter, so you can start making arrangements for a visit here. In a couple of weeks the sea will be "swimable" (;-)), at least for the brave guys and gals, and the view of them will be a pleasant sight for the rest of us! What do you say? If you harry up, you can catch Patra's carnival also.. It's a great way to spend your money.. And you don't have to work hard for that.. The local bar, hotel, restaurant, etc owners will be more than glad to help you to that. They are well trained ripping off everyone during this season! (Sorry, Antonis, but that's true).

We are going live tonight, once again! I guess, it is like our usual, frequent show the one on Thursdays.. Even if I am thinking of ..skipping one, I get a lot of comments (I repeat, comments, not questions) like "so, we 're going live, tonight, huh?" I AM TRAPPED! ;-)

Are you fat? I know I am! Since summer I got a lot of extra weight (and still getting more of it) and I am worried! And when I worry, I eat (I love this excuse). I hope that something out of the blue will happen until June-July and all the extra pounds will go away.. (maybe an earthquake and being trapped under the wrecks for 2-3 weeks will do the job).. Anyway, no matter what I do, I always remain irresistible! It's a curse I carry with me..!

No more stupid things to say and to write are coming through! Communication with brain has being interrupted long ago. Shutting down systems. Last Warning for Coffee re-fill.. BIIIIZZzzzz... -bLinK-

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