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Camgirls, make way for the camchicken.

For years, pornographers have used the Web to stage interactive peepshows that let visitors type requests to models in front of the camera. More recently, amateur "camgirls" have used cheap webcams and broadband connections to broadcast performances from their own bedrooms.

Now comes, a website that mimics the look of an Internet sexcam show to promote a new chicken sandwich from Burger King.

Instead of starring a busty young woman or a porn stud with rock-hard abs, the Flash-powered site features an actor in a chicken suit, dressed in lingerie. And unlike previous big-business attempts to cash in on an Internet trend, the Subservient Chicken site quickly became an Internet hit.

Launched last Wednesday, the Subservient Chicken site racked up a million hits in the first 24 hours, and between 15 million and 20 million hits so far, according to Crispin Porter & Bogusky, the advertising agency responsible for the site.

Already, websites have sprung up to track the commands the chicken will and will not perform.

Word got out even before the site was out of beta testing, said Crispin Porter & Bogusky creative director Andrew Keller. The site was built as a tie-in to a television campaign that began running on MTV, Comedy Central, Spike and BET last week.

"We sent out a couple e-mails to test the site within the agency and with friends, and it went bananas," he said.

The site's design is appropriately tatty. A fake camera window displays a pixelated image of a dimly lighted living room. The decor is Web Porn College Modern: beige carpet, magenta couch, silver floor sconce. The chicken tentatively steps out of the kitchenette, wearing a garter belt, a metal anklet and nothing else. A text box invites the viewer to "Get chicken the way you like it." The chicken gazes at the camera expectantly.

Though the site looks like a live feed, it appears to be a collection of short movie clips triggered by keywords in the user's requests.

By webcam standards, the chicken is a bit of a prude. It will do jumping jacks, disco dance and watch television. On the slightly edgier end of the spectrum, it will vomit, smoke a cigarette and shake its booty.

But like a prostitute just getting into the business, there are a number of things the chicken simply won't do. In fact, the list seems to be growing by the day. Someone appears to be monitoring requests to the site, adding new behaviors and subtracting others.

Originally, the chicken would grant some salacious requests, albeit behind the cover of a censoring black box that popped up to cover the chicken's naughty bits. Now the chicken receives even remotely sexy commands with an insulted look and a finger-wagging scolding.

But a gallery of still photos on the site seems to document scenes from the chicken's less-inhibited days. In one, the chicken reclines on a sofa, legs spread, head propped on a pillow, its beak parted in what one assumes is an expression of avian lust. Another shows the chicken on all fours, hindquarters in the air.

Keller, nevertheless, denied that the site contains even a hint of sexual innuendo. What about the garter belts?

"The reference was really more like a Victorian-style chicken," Keller said. "An elegant old costume was sort of the inspiration."

And the gallery of salacious poses? In the photo of the chicken on all fours, he is rooting around for something in the couch, Keller said. In the reclining photo, he is merely relaxing after an exhausting session of break dancing.

At any rate, the real porn on the site is food porn. Type "chicken sandwich," and the chicken obligingly folds itself between two sofa cushions and lies motionless on the ground. Similarly, the command "go vegan" gets a vehement thumbs-down from the chicken, who one suspects is considered something of a Lord Haw-Haw among the farmyard set.

The Subservient Chicken is not the first ad campaign to capitalize on the camgirl mystique. Last year, Internet marketing company Richards Interactive recruited teenage bloggers to promote the Raging Cow line of flavored milk drinks.

Bloggers widely derided the short-lived campaign, calling it a clumsy attempt to capitalize on a medium that big business didn't understand.

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