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David Garrett - Rock SymphoniesInternational superstar violinist David Garrett takes listeners on a ground-breaking musical journey that crosses genres with his new album, Rock Symphonies. Rock Symphonies combines Garrett’s unique background in both the classical and rock genres. Until now Garrett has enjoyed separate, dual careers performing with a rock band and classical orchestra but here, for the first time, he seamlessly morphs the two together.

Mixing new interpretations of his favourite rock anthems by U2, Nirvana, Metallica and Aerosmith with classical favourites by Vivaldi and Beethoven, Garrett’s virtuosic violin playing shines through with precision and power. Backed by his band and The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra this album shows Garrett as a true musical pioneer – reinventing classical music for a new generation. His sell-out stadium gigs are evidence that he’s breaking the classical mould, attracting an audience that resembles a rock concert more than a classical one.

Garrett, who has sold 1 million albums worldwide, is one of the most exciting artists in music at the moment. He has already topped charts from Asia across Europe and in the US with a string of Gold and Platinum albums and was America’s best-selling debut classical artist of 2009.

Garrett’s upwards trajectory looks to be just beginning as his incredible success spreads across the world to become a truly global phenomenon. Garrett will be launching Rock Symphonies across international TV screens this year. In Germany he has taken the slot on the eve of the World Cup Final that has traditionally been the domain of The Three Tenors and in the US he launches Rock Symphonies through Good Morning America.

The evolution of Rock Symphonies was a natural one for the 28-year-old Garrett. Having spent 2009 on tour in all corners of the world, he would find himself performing in clubs to arenas with a live rock band one night, followed by a classical concert hall with full symphony orchestra the next. Having a dual career is a rarity, and doing it successfully even more so. The bold violinist has always been a fan of both the classical and rock worlds he straddles. “I always enjoyed when rock groups integrated orchestra into in their sound, and it elevated the music to another level,” comments Garrett. He continues, “any musician loves having the full sound of an orchestra behind them - it’s an amazing experience.”

Rock Symphonies main recording sessions took place at New York City’s famed Electric Lady Studios, with the orchestra recorded in Prague. Highlights of the album include “Vivaldi Vs. Vertigo,” a mashup of Vivaldi and U2’s Vertigo, Nirvana’s classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Led Zeppelin’s timeless “Kashmir,” and Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way,” featuring a guest performance by Aussie guitar sensation Orianthi (seen in Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”). Orianthi also joined Garrett on stage in Germany recently for his new international television concert special, “Rock Symphonies,” to air across the world.

David Garrett has been winning over audiences since the release of his self-titled debut album in June 2009. His technically jaw-dropping performance of “Flight of the Bumblebee,” was recorded in the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest-ever performance of the piece (a blistering 66 seconds), wowing crowds the world over. His CD David Garrett, debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Classical Crossover Chart, and held the #1 position for nine weeks, remaining in the Top 10 for over 40 subsequent weeks .

David Garrett began playing violin at age four, and was signed to the prestigious classical music label Deutsche Grammophon by thirteen. Without telling his parents, he later fled Germany for New York, where he was accepted at the world famous Juilliard music school, studying under the legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman. As a way to pay the bills, he moonlit as a busboy and model, landing him in the pages of Vogue and the Fashion Week catwalks for Armani. He subsequently has gained international stardom and his charisma, passion and dedication to the violin defy categorization.

Rock Symphonies will be launched first in the US on July 20th with international release dates to follow.

• David Garrett has shipped well over 1 million albums in Germany alone
• Brand new release Rock Symphonies (shipped Gold) went straight in at #1 in Germany – the highest chart to date
• Also achieved highest chart positions to date in Switzerland (#4) and Austria (#4)
• In the UK, the first major Synch has been landed with Cadbury Fingers – an epic 60” commercial set entirely to the track ‘The 5th’ – will be seen by millions
• ‘Rock Symphonies’ released in the US in July ’10 with huge PBS network support (new Live show ‘On A Summer Night’ already broadcast to over 80% of households)
• Week 1 US chart positions were #41 Billboard 200, #16 Digital albums, #2 Crossover classical – and has since placed at #1 Crossover
• US TVs included 2 release week Good Morning America slots and Jimmy Fallon
• As per the Billboard ‘Boxscore’ column, David Garrett has fast become one of the top-grossing Live acts in the world
• Last year, his classical album ‘Classic Romance’ was Top 5 in Germany in Xmas week, between Lady Gaga and The BEP’s!
• He has enjoyed considerable success in SE Asia and has scored Gold albums in both Hong Kong and Singapore with ‘Virtuoso’
• David’s music is bridging the gap between classical and pop music, whilst introducing classical to a younger generation
• The early 2010 arena/stadium tour across Germany and the US has been a sellout success – playing to 170k people
• David’s current fashion / brand partnerships include Banana Republic, Sony Walkman and S. 0liver
• In the US, David was the #1 new Classical Crossover artist of 2009 with the release of hybrid album ‘David Garrett’
• On the Billboard New Artist Chart for 2009, David Garret placed at #6 – across all genres!
• 20% of US sales are digital – proof that David really is reaching that younger audience

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