'Female's on Fire 07' The Los Angeles Women's Music Festival

Mουσική : Μουσικά νέα - Συναυλίες - Δισκογραφία

Celebrating women in music and the men and women who love them,the first Annual Los Angeles Women's Music Festival will be held at Woodley Park, Encino, CA on Sat Aug. 25, 2007, from 10AM - 6PM.
Featuring Sophie B. Hawkins, BETTY, Klymaxx, Patrice Pike, Los Abandoned, SONiA of Disappear Fear, Brasil Brazil, SheJay DJs and many other talented artists, the event is both a ground-breaking women's music festival and a benefit for animal rescue.

Despite the success and popularity of Lilith Fair and other women's music festivals around the country,this is the first festival of its kind in Los Angeles, the heart of the music industry. The support for and response to this year's festival has been overwhelmingly positive. As one fan put it, "I love music - and I love women!" Held at Woodley Park, home of WorldFest, with power provided by eSolar and with vegan, vegetarian and organic food, pet adoptions, children's activities, a healing arts tent and more, this is an eco-music festival with fun for the whole family.

As a major part of The Los Angeles Women's Music Festival we are hosting pet adoptions with animal rescue groups from Los Angeles. By bringing them out on a beautiful Saturday in August where there will be a huge community of like minded, compassionate human beings, we will be offering the chance of a loving home to many of the animals.

Volunteers and donations for this aspect of the festival are greatly appreciated. The following rescue organizations are participating in the festival: Bunny Luv Rescue, Cat Connection, Death Row Dogs Rescue, Forte Animal Rescue, K9 Connection,WorldHeartFoundation,Heaven on Earth Society for Animals, Boxer Rescue-LA, Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue,and Villalobos Rescue Center.

50+ Bands * 5 Stages * 5000 Fans

The festival has already booked 65 female performers and female-fronted bands from around the world,representing all genres of music. Bands will play from 10-6 on five stages including the SheJay dance tent with DJ Lillyanne, DJ Syrena, Raistalla, DJ Diosa, Holly Adams, Sirsa, and DJ-duo MIAmor and SyrEhN.

Other activities include raffles to win a guitar from Daisy Rock and other prizes, an open mic, a mini-recording studio by Guitar Center, and the Wonder Woman music industry tent with speakers throughout the day.

The line-up includes Alex Davis, Alissa Moreno, AM Pacific, Amy Raasch, Ashley Lennon Thomas, Bardo, Bella Donna - A Tribute to Stevie Nicks, Carla Fleming, Christine White, Danielle Lo Presti and the Masses, Debra Knox Power Trio, Deena Russo, Gayle Day, gilli moon, Hayley Taylor, Heather Lauren, Holly Light, Hollywood Rock Academy, Irina Bjorklund & Peter Fox, Jamie Green, Janet Robin,Joan Enguita, Julia Othmer, Kris Miller, Kristy Hanson, Kym Trippsmith and Feisty Females, Laura Bradley, Lauren Adams, Leigh Silver, Little Sista, Maeve Hughes, Maesyn, Mali Woods, Marina's Daughter, Melissa Mullins, Michael Ann, Miria, Neuromance, Nikki Katt, Parade, Penelope Torribio,Renee Wilson, Riddle the Sphinx, Salon K, Sam Stollenwerck, sASSafrASS, The Pin-Up Girls, Trysette,Two Loons for Tea, and Zera Vaughan, as well as REMOdrumcircles,hula hoopingbyHoopaliscious, belly-dancing by L.A. Tribal and by Inanna, a gong bath by Yaelle Shaphir and more!

Additional performers in the children's area and The Divine Lotus healing arts tent include children's book author Penelope Torribio, Brad Stubbs, Jumbo Shrimp, Spirit Soul Band, Hollywood the Clown, Alice Jones, author Ina Hildebrandt, and musicians Joy Krauthammer, and Miri Hunter.

Females on Fire: Los Angeles Women's Music Festival
phone/fax 310.919.3548
lawmf.com | myspace.com/lawmf07

Females on Fire: The Los Angeles Women's Music Festival 2007 - fofest.com

Festival hosts include Jorjeana Marie, Cynthia Delgado, Aaron Black, Ashley Powell, Jesselynn Desmond, Lexy Smith, Chris Opperman, Teri Hitt and SheJay founder Mona Holmes.

Panelists and workshop leaders in the industry tent include: Alethia Austin: A&R Select; Debra Russell: Artist Coach, Artist's EDGE; Sindee Levin: Attorney AMRA (American Mechanical Rights Agency;Inc.); Harriet Schock: Harriet Schock School of Songwriting; Annette Conlon: Nette Radio; Jeannie Deva: Vocal Coach, Deva Voice Studios; Sheena Metal: Radio Host/Talent Booker; Tish Ciravalo: DaisyRock Guitars; Nadja Narotzky: Sounds of Success, Music Supervision and Publishing; Judy Lamppu: LosAngeles Women in Music; Kate Perotti: Mommapalooza; Heather Kreamer: mOcean Pictures; LynnBronstein: Journalist; Pamela Phillips Oland: Songwriter; Jennifer Corday: Artist/Label Owner, Envy Records; Joan Enguita: Artist/Label Owner-Red Coyote Records; and artists Lauren Wood, Julie Gribble, Lauren Adams, Ashley Maher, Lisa Sanders, Julie Silver, Lynn Keller, Tracy Newman, Janet Robin, and Kelly Fitzgerald as well as a special appearance by Sophie B. Hawkins.

Festival sponsors include 95.5 KLOS - The Official Radio Sponsor of the Los Angeles Women's Music Festival, METRO, Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Songsalive!, Daisy Rock, REMO, SheJay, Adventure Arts Entertainment, LA Weekly, BMI, Whole Foods, Luna Bars, Hansen's, Alfred Publishing, D'Addario,EarPeace Technologies, EarPeace Technologies, SonicBids, LaLaMusic, Native Instruments, Jack FM,KOST, San Diego Indie Music Fest, Indiegrrl, TK Promotions, Hollywood Rock Academy, LAWIM,Jeannie Deva Voice Studios, Magdalene Center, Indieclectic, Sarelia Productions, and Lofty Dog.

Vendors include Brigitte Gaviola, Gelato Bar & Espresso Coffee, Gorgeous Goddess Wear, Guardian Animal Aftercare, Hoop Revolution, Jeannie Deva Voice Studios, Juice Plus, LA Times, Last Chance For Animals, Light N Lifted, Mama Juju, Planet Coexist, The Floating Bed Company, The Good Cheer Company, Todie's Apparel, Ursa Blue Designs, VAM Acoustics and more.

Females On Fire: The Los Angeles Women's Music Festival 2007 is produced by Gaia Rocks founders:
British singer-songwriter Gayle Day and Boston singer-songwriter Miria; and by Australian recording artist / songwriter & producer Gilli Moon (CEO), and Phoenix native A&R / promotions executive Toni Koch, of Warrior Girl Music.

Visit www.lawmf.com for tickets, sponsor and vendor opportunities, directions, and general info.

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