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City Gypsy is a Pop-Latin act who write totally original arrangements and lyrics. Their sound focus’ on the incredible guitars and sultry vocals.

We got to know them the past days through their singles Hola and Amor De Invierno playing on daily airplay. Nice smooth beats alogn with amazing guitars (remind a lot the sound of Carlos Santana's play), is a sound that makes you looking forward for the summer..

Let's get to know better who are City Gypsy:



Juno/Gemini nominee, Richard Fortin is a recipient of 2 Gold albums from Sony and Universal as well as 4 awards from the U.S. for his music for films. He has worked with internationally acclaimed musicians such as Michael Kamen, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Chet Atkins, Zamfir, Ray Cooper (percussionist for Madonna) and Alex Lifeson (Rush). He also worked on the album “Persona” featuring Eric Clapton and Yo Yo Ma. Among others, he produced Liona Boyd (Camino Latino), Patricia O’Callaghan and Elaine Overholt who was vocal coach for Richard Gere and Renee Zellweiger in “Chicago”. Liona Boyd has recorded some of his music on her albums: Persona, Encore, The Spanish Guitar, Dancing on the Edge and Camino Latino on which his music was performed by prestigious guitarists, Steve Morse of Deep Purple and the legendary Al DiMeola.


Mentored by world renowned producer/engineer Nick Blagona (Tea Party, Cat Stevens, Deep Purple, George Harrison, Tom Jones….), Karen was quick to pick up on exclusive tricks of the trade that sets her apart from other engineers. She has worked with Dan Hill on a vocal duet and had extensive vocal training from Elaine Overholt.

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