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The long awaited debut CD from Matt Bulthouse has garnered rave reviews world wide. The title track A Beautiful Day is a song that will leave you feeling happy and you'll find yourself singing it all day long. Bulthouse has the uncanny knack of capturing feelings in his music. He'll come at you with a song like Sunshine Way that will leave you tapping your toes and singing along with the payoff. While other songs such as Falling Down, Sonia's Cologne, Broken, and Time To Go will nestle up to you with the familiarity of old friends.

This disc is a must have for any real music lover. Matt is a guy you will want to know, but once you listen to him you'll realize he's a guy you already know...and have missed for a long time.

More about Matt Bulthouse

Music has been a part of Matt's life since day one. His Grandfather George Graham played in Big Bands with the likes of Tommy Dorsey and Mel Torme. You could say that music is in his blood. When asked 'what posses you to make A Beautiful Day' he smiled and said "I had written some songs that I liked...I had written songs before, but I never really thought much of them.....these were different somehow. So one day an old friend of mine, Mitch Wood, wanted to hear what I was doing....he came over I got out my guitar and played him the songs... just stared at me. He said 'You can't sit on this stuff any longer...we have to get you to make a disc' we found a studio and went to work....the rest as they say is history."

Bulthouse says his fans are the most important thing to him. "I want to make music that makes people feel" he says "the music today is lacking feeling...I hope I can bring that back to people."

To buy his cd visit

You also have the chance to listen to Matt's music on Songs "A Beautiful Day" and "Sunshine Way" are on daily rotation on!

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