Strikes in Europe

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In Italy they recently had a customers' strike for 2 days. For 48 hours no one was buying anything (products or services).
Hello everyone! How's life treating you..?
Well, not good to us, in case you were wondering. We had to change our links for your tuning to our stream, cause Live365 was complaining about it. So, if you don't mind, please take the time to register with them, it's free, and you can get thousands of more free stations, like our own. Once you have done that you can keep listening to our music, with no other problems (and if you do that, please remember to choose us, as your favorite broadcaster).. :) On the other hand, if you have a way to listen to us, without any problem / procedures / registrations, keep doing that, we don't mind! :)

All Europe is having a bad time with the new prices of all products due to Euro. In Italy they recently had a customers' strike for 2 days. For 48 hours no one was buying anything (products or services). That is a nice message to send to the people that are converting their pricelists to Euro and round up figures in their favor.. Same goes for Greece (without the strike part, as we are dedicated buyers). A lot of people are waiting to see how the winter TV program will be in all the channels, as unluckily Greeks spend a big part of their lives in front of TV. We are in the resistance forces for now, and holding well.. So, we do not have anything to talk about the TV front. Sorry!

We have updated the playlist with a lot of new songs, and some from the world charts.. Some of the new releases featured in are from new Alexiou's cd, Alkinoos Ioannidis, Pix Lax, and several more. Tune in tonight at 23:00 Greek Local time to listen to us live from Athens Greece. We can help you also in the chat, if you are having any listening difficulties. Just pay us a visit..

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