Yarabi - Yarabi

Ημερομηνία Δευτέρα, 20 Φεβ 2006 @ 08:45
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Αποστολέας LavantiS

We recently received a track called Yarabi by a group named Yarabi.. The track is already playing on our daily playlist.. Here is the press release that came with it..

Yarabi is a young Romanian boy band, founded in 2005, their music being a mix between dance and house.
Even if they are a rather fresh band on the market, the feedback they have received from the Romanian public and radios was great and they have been invited to sing at the New Year’s party hosted by the Romanian government, along with big names from our music industry.
Because of this, we consider that they have a major chance to capture the international public.

We believe that we are very lucky to represent them because we are sure that they have the potential to reach the same level of recognition as O-ZONE and Akcent.

This is why, we want to present their songs all over the world, and we would appreciate if you could give us your feedback on the tracks we send you.

We also mention the fact that their tracks are played on international radios from Spain (Central Fm – national radio), France (Discoid – Paris and Radio Contact – national radio) and Germany (Radio Butega – national radio).

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