Inspiro is back - Lover to Lover

Ημερομηνία Παρασκευή, 13 Ιαν 2006 @ 01:00
Θέμα/Κατηγορία Μουσικά νέα - Συναυλίες - Δισκογραφία

Αποστολέας LavantiS

Insiro - Lover to Lover (original by Joe Yellow)Inspiro, the well known and tallented Greek producer, strikes back with a new CD Single titled "Lover To Lover". It's a remake in the well know Italo disco hit from the 80s by Joe Yellow.  It has just been released with a Dimension-X remix (a disco one) plus 5 extra mixes... A electro soulful house track which already receives massive aiplay from Greek radio (HotStation gr has also been playing this track a lot) but luckily it won't stop there, as it is expected to be a hit also abroad. You can find it from NRG records and Universal.

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