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Ημερομηνία Σάββατο, 10 Δεκ 2005 @ 05:15
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mpGreek and Pegasus Interactive, both leading Internet companies in their respective industries, today announced a strategic alliance to provide co-branded music service for the Greek market. Pegasus’ new site can be found at Through the relationship, Pegasus and mpGreek will take online listening to the next level by allowing music enthusiasts to search for the music they want and to download them to their PCs. allows customers to download from a catalog of more than 85,000 songs which is powered by mpGreek’s music platform.

Additionally the music service offers:
  • Large Music Library: a continuously growing online catalog of music with more than 85,000 songs, encoded in  high audio quality from major and independent record labels.  International Repertoire will be added in the first few months form all genres and music labels.
  • Song ratings and dedications: Users can rate the songs they see on and send an e-dedication email with the audio preview and a small note to any email address.
  • Music Portability: subscription tracks can be transferred to any portable device that supports the WMA format and Windows Media Digital Rights Management
  • Access From Any PC: access to personalized subscription content from any Internet-connected computer.
  • Download Purchases: access to a music download store, allowing users to purchase and permanently own songs for €1.10 cents per track. Purchased downloads can be burned onto CDs, transferred to compatible portable devices, and used on a total of five PCs.
"Today's Greek music scene as we know it is changing," said Mr. Thomas Siozopoulos, CEO of Pegasus Interactive " is a rich, exciting service that gives customers a way to legitimately access, enjoy and share a vast variety of online Greek music. In combination with Pegasus Group’s rich content and services it will offer a complete experience for online users who seek robust and reliable music downloads.
Mr. Alexis Kombogiannis, Director of mpGreek commented: “mpGreek brings a unique blend of innovative Web services, deep experience in Digital Music, and strong reliable stature to this alliance. This preferred relationship with Pegasus Interactive underscores mpGreek's success in partnering with media providers to create a powerful Internet experience that delivers the most value to their users. Digital Music in Greece looks like it has a bright future with such partnerships.”
About Greased Networks, Inc.
Greased Networks is a leading technology firm at the forefront of Greek music downloads with its service mpGreek. mpGreek has long been recognized as one of the largest providers of Greek digital music content in addition to being one of the largest Greek online music stores over all since February of 2005. Founded in August 2003, Greased Networks Inc manages the software and systems that cover all aspects of music content aggregation and delivery, including content acquisition, media storage, secure delivery, digital rights management and customer billing, to ensure that all rights holders are fairly compensated for their work.
About Pegasus Interactive
Pegasus Interactive is a company appointed for implementing Pegasus Group’s strategy for establishing a presence in the world of new media (Internet and Tele-informatics). Pegasus Interactive develops and manages major portals and sites like,,,, etc. The company also, implements mobile SVCS through Vodafone Live, i-mode and also, serves external customers for sites development and maintenance.

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