mpGreek and SonyBMG sign deal to offer Greek music downloads

Ημερομηνία Παρασκευή, 24 Ιούν 2005 @ 12:56
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More Greek songs' downloads available now, after Sony BMG - mpGreek agreementmpGreek, the global leader in Greek digital music services, today announced that it has signed a deal with SonyBMG Greece to sell SonyBMG's digital downloads in Greece. mpGreek is the first Greek digital music service to sign with a multinational Record Label.

Under this new agreement, a selection of SonyBMG repertoire will be included in mpGreek's 'a la carte' digital download service. All SonyBMG repertoire will be served centrally by mpGreek directly to its users and will be protected with digital rights management software and will allow mpGreek users to burn a limited number of CD copies and export tracks to portable devices. The music of Anna Vissi, Antonis Remos, Kaiti Garbi, Giorgos Lempesis and many more will now become available for the first time for digital downloads in Greece.

Alexis Kombogiannis, Managing Director and Co-Founder of mpGreek said: "SonyBMG is the first of the major labels to partner with mpGreek and we're proud to offer legal, competitively priced downloads to mpGreek customers. The addition of the SonyBMG catalogue to the 25,000 tracks we already have available is great news for Greek music fans who value quality music and quality recordings."

Mr. Dimitris Yarmenitis, Managing Director, SonyBMG Greece commented: "SonyBMG Greece always tries to find new and exciting ways in order to make the music of its artists available to consumers. We believe that the co-operation with mpGreek will provide music fans with one more reliable alternative in order to have easy access to both our new releases and to our vast catalogue".

About Greased Networks, Inc.

Greased Networks is a leading technology firm at the forefront of Greek music downloads. The company revolutionized online Greek music delivery with the creation of its advanced full service download service - mpGreek. Greased Networks, Inc. owns 100% of the mpGreek Service. mpGreek is focused on the distribution of content from Greece and was established to serve the increasing demand for music, music videos, and ring tones for Greeks on the internet.

Founded in August 2003, Greased Networks Inc manages the software and systems that cover all aspects of music content aggregation and delivery, including content acquisition, media storage, secure delivery, digital rights management and customer billing, to ensure that all rights holders are fairly compensated for their work.

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