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While the 2004 Olympic Summer Games will offer a chance to see some of the most raw, awe-inspiring athletics and fierce competition in the world, Playboy levels the playing field with a unique showcase celebrating the sexy athleticism of the human form -- a stunning, 12-page nude pictorial in the magazine's "Women of the Olympics" September issue (on newsstands Friday, August 13).

Playboy Senior Contributing Photographer Arny Freytag selected the eight models who appear in the layout. "This pictorial is different and fun and really shows natural and physical beauty," said Freytag. "Lots of open spaces, blue skies, the chance to capture the athletes in motion -- I know Playboy readers will like this."

As Playboy's September issue hits newsstands, Olympians will be hitting the scene in the Athens Olympic Village. "One of the big misconceptions is that every athlete is 100 percent serious about being there," said Playboy cover girl Amy Acuff, an American high jumper and two-time Olympian. "A number of athletes in the Village -- people who know they don't have a chance -- are there to have a party."

The following athletes are featured in Playboy's "Women of the Olympics" pictorial:

Amy Acuff, High Jump Ineta Radevica, Triple Jump and Long Jump
United States Latvia

Zhanna Block, Athletics, 100m Mary Sauer, Pole Vault
Ukraine United States (not attending Athens)

Haley Cope, Swimming, Susan Tiedtke-Green, Long Jump, 100m Backstroke
Germany (not attending Athens) United States

Fanni Juhasz, Pole Vault Katie Vermeulen, Athletics, 1500m
Hungary Canada (not attending Athens)

Beginning Friday, August 13, visitors to Playboy.com will be able to read "Amy Acuff's Olympic Diary," an exclusive inside report on the latest happenings in Athens by Playboy's September cover girl.

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