Aegean Experienced: photography & video art exhibition at Athens Airport

Ημερομηνία Τρίτη, 09 Ιούλ 2013 @ 07:20
Θέμα/Κατηγορία Θέατρο - Κινηματογράφος - Τηλεόραση

Αποστολέας LavantiS

Athens International Airport and the art and culture platform “Aegeanale” invite the public to a unique travel of icons from Aegean: the new photo and video art exhibition titled “Aegean Experienced” promotes, through the special personal perspective of seven artists, the Greek archipelago as a source of inspiration and creation, resulting to a multidimensional, transcendent narration where the Aegean is starring as a destination, as a place of residence, as an ‘idea’ and a feeling!

The exhibition hosts 15 icons from the works of “Mare Liberum” by Georgis Gerolympos, “Caravan Project” by Thekla Malamou and “Blind Fisherman” by Stratis Vogiatzis, “Caldera” by Dimitris Kleanthis, “Salt” by Kostas Masseras and “Aegeanscapes” by Sokratis Baltagiannis, as well as a video-trilogy from the series Living Postcards of Emmanouil Papadopoulos.

The new exhibition at AIA shall take place from 4th of July till October 30th 2013 and shall be accessible by all Airport’s passengers and visitors on a daily 24hour basis at the specially designed area “Art & Culture”, at Arrivals Level (Entrance 1).

Aegeanale was created in 2012 as an international platform of art and culture. Its fundamental objectives are to highlight the Aegean as region of inspiration, creativity and intercultural dialogue as well as to map once more, the archipelago as a prism of destinations with cultural interest. Aegeanale’s program for 2013, includes a series of projects from all disciplines of contemporary art, which periodically travel in different destinations of the Aegean, thus, creating for travellers cultural routes and paths.

Living PostCards From Greece | Cape Sounion by Emmanouil Papadopoulos

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