Ημερομηνία Πέμπτη, 30 Μάι 2002 @ 12:19
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Αποστολέας LavantiS

...which summer, sea, beach sports you will start? Will it be sailing? surfing? water-ski? scuba? beach-volley? backgamon on a tin table resting on the sand with mezes and ouzo? ...

Hello! Tomorrow is the last calendar day of the spring and we are officially (or even calendary) entering summer! And you have heard how is summer in Greece, haven't you? Sunny, hot, beautiful beaches, paradise islands, and you too far away! (I love it, when I do that.. I bet you hate it.. Maybe you are going to feel better if you learn that I am located less than 5 km from a big variety of sand and / or rock beaches but yet didn't have the time to go even for a walk. Which can be a torture).

Have you decide which summer, sea, beach sports you will start? Will it be sailing? surfing? water-ski? scuba? beach-volley? backgamon on a tin table resting on the sand with mezes and ouzo? ... Why you are smiling on the last option? Maybe you remember Monday's newsletter, (especially, all you that are members in our mailing list) having complains about our "statements" on women's required body perfection regarding the forthcoming summer and fashion trends. Well, guys! You have to realize what is the situation today! We are not far behind on what fashion urges us to do.. and our physical situation is worst than the average lady's one. I don't know why we did that to ourselves but lately, some guys started to take regular showers / baths, use deodorants, buy fancy clothes, match them greatly, making us, the pathetic lamers look like sh*t when standing beside them. So, we HAVE to take actions for that. Unless we want our dream girl to end up with a muscle Armani guy that reads poetry and offers her flowers in every date! The danger is close even to our current girlfriends.. So, if you (we) don't do it for ourselves let's to it for the ..contents and for keeping what it's ours!

So, ladies, relax! You look great, you have managed to fight and defeat all genes in your DNA that were giving a big butt, mustache, only one but continuous eyebrow and big influence to gravity.. You have worked too hard for that and we thank you and envy you! Now we have to catch up with you, if we will ever manage to even come close to what you have achieved! And for those with the non-perfect bodies, just remember to avoid extremes fashion trends, as it is better to be nominated as "not fashion aware" than a "road show freak".

I guess all this "talk" is too much for one day's news on the site..! Sorry if I make you bored or tired.. I will rest my case here! The rest on tonight's live show.. Around 22:00 Greek local time (it is 19:00 GMT or 09:00 I guess in US Pacific Time). If you wonder about it, thank you, Tuesday's show was great.. A small problem with our web chat was fixed and now it is working perfectly! by the way, it seems you are very confident and pleased with our music taste, judging from the requests' drop. We would like also to welcome all new visitors / listeners that read about our site in e-Week section that refers to HotStation.gr in "Naftemporiki" newspaper today. And a big thank you to the journalist of the article, Spyros Konstantinidis. Take a look around, check our radio out, and feel free to come again and again, if you like it! It will make us, more than happy! ;-) We 're here to serve & please you! Take care, and see 'ya in tonight's show!

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