US doctors offer a 'voice-lift'

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Doctors in the US are offering cosmetic surgery for people who want to sound as young as they look with a so-called 'voice-lift'.
Like the rest of the body, the vocal chords grow weaker with age as talking, shouting and singing take their toll.

People can make their voices sound younger by exercise, but some require surgery to help the vocal chords to close. When the two vocal chords close together they produce sound.

For about $17,500 (about £10,000) doctors will insert implants through an incision in the neck or inject fat, collagen or a bone-making substance called hydroxyl appetite through the mouth.

After resting for a couple of weeks, the patient can speak with less effort in a firmer tone, says The Times.

Dr Robert Thayer Sataloff, of the ear, nose and throat department of Philadelphia's Graduate Hospital, said:

"If someone can take the tremor out of your voice, that would be of more value for you."

He said among those interested in the procedure are radio announcers, actors, politicians, sales personnel and corporate executives.

Robert Anzidei, 75, who had surgery after one of his vocal chords became paralysed, said: "My voice went back to pretty much like normal."

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