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A new cd by Eleni Peta was recently released titled "Stile Sima" (send signal). It contains 12 melodic songs that carry you away in the attitude they have and in the atmosphere they create. Songs that will make you sing alone even from the first time you listen to them (as long as you know Greek). For this recording the following people gave their best effort: Mirto Kontova, Eleana Brachali, George Ginis, Marina Dimitroula, George Bousounis, Thodoris Oikonomou, Kitrina Podilata (Yellow Bicycles), Giannis Christodoulopoulos, Kostas Katomeris. The producer of "Send signal" album is Panos Barlos. On HotStation we alrady listen almost daily the song "Valto sta Podia" (Runaway). The music was written by French composer Asdorve especially for Eleni.


Eleni Peta always tries new sounds and styles that broad up her music repository and bring up in every time in a different way her wide vocal abilities. She knows exactly how to express its song's emotion and feeling and she finally amaze us every time with her performance, her talent and her passion.

Eleni Peta biography (so far)

She was born and grew up in Thessalonica. She finished her studies in the cello with straight As, in the State Conservatoire of Thessalonica. Then she made her first professional steps as musician and collaborates with Nikos Papazoglou in his summer tour. She professionally begins her singing career taking the same time phonetics and singing lessons with Julie Massino in Thessalonica and Mary Konstantara in the Conservatoire of Attica.

She did work together with a lot of and important artists and in 1994 she presents her first music recording work titled “Blue Travels”. One year after comes the second personal album titled “Aman and Gialeli”. She now is well established in the music recording industry and four years later comes the album “Same eyes different look” that  puts her officially in the elite of recognized, appreciable and achieved singers. Her performance abilities but also her great stage presence gave her the most positive criticisms.

  • On 2000 she was on tour with Michalis Chatzigiannis
  • On 2001 she performed along with Iro at Zoom. Then Diogenis studio is next singing with Eleftheria Arvanitaki.
  • On the summertime of 2001 Eleni Peta is touring once again Greece with Michalis Chatzigiannis.
  • June 2001 Ola archizoun edw - Everything begins here, is released.
  • In 2002 she participates in Soundtrack of Lucia Rikaki's film “Words of Silence” where she sings the title song. It is a film about the sign language of hearing impaireds. Eleni Peta  participated in the OST without a fee, and the tickets income were donated to the Hellenic association of Hearing impaireds.
  • The summertime 2002 finds her in tour all over Greece with Iro, while the same time she prepares her new songs.
  • Another album comes up "The best day is the one that bears the dreams". Released on December 2002 having as composer Antoni Mitzelo and lyrist Helen Zioga. At the same time, Helen with Nikos Ziogalas and the group Blue are performing at the Glass Musical Theatre for two months.
  • The spring 2003 finds her in House of for Art, while at the same time she's getting ready for her summer tour. 
  • On autumn 2004 album titled “Hard” was released.
  • New album for Eleni Peta on May 2006 called “Still a child” (paidi akoma). In this cd you can find great names of Greek music scene such as Charis Alexiou, Stefanos Korkolis, Michalis Chatzigiannis, Eleana Brachali, Nikos Moraitis, Antonis Bardis, Vasilis Giannopoylos, Yannis Kalamitsis, Dimitris Tsekoyras, and many more.
  • “Send Signal” is her most recent album (December 2008) and "Runaway" is the title of the first hit


Blue Travelling (EMI) 1996 / Same Eyes Different Sight (Polydor - Universal Music) 1999 / Everything Starts Here (Nitro Music) 2001 / Words Of Silence - Single (Nitro Music) 2002 / The Best Day Is The One That Holds On To Dreams (Mercury - Universal Music) 2002 / Loud (Mercury - Universal Music) 2004 / Still A Child (Virus Music) 2006.

She loves children and animals and hates any kind of violence. She lives and works in Athens / Greece.

Official site: www.elenipeta.gr

myspace profile: http://www.myspace.com/elenipeta


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