Four-legged duck stars

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A four-legged duck has become a celebrity at a farm in Hampshire.
Stumpy came under the glare of the media spotlight as he made his swimming debut at the Warrawee Duck Farm in Copythorne.

He has appeared in national newspapers, websites and the Richard and Judy Show and is set to appear on ITV's This Morning show.

Stumpy swam for 15 minutes in a children's sandpit filled with water under the watchful eye of owner Nicky Janaway, reports the Hampshire Gazette.

Nicky said: "He thoroughly enjoyed himself and will be swimming every day now. As soon as he saw the paddling pool you could see he knew what it was and wanted to get in it straight away.

"He's doing absolutely brilliantly and even has a girlfriend called Alice now. During the swim she was squeaking and he was quacking because they missed each other and she obviously felt a bit left out.

"But he laps up the attention and is becoming quite the celebrity. He's a little bit of an exhibitionist."

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