Britney Spears shaved her head - Is she crying for help?

Ημερομηνία Τρίτη, 20 Φεβ 2007 @ 13:00
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The owner of the salon where Britney Spears shaved her head thinks it was a cry for help.
Esther Tognozzi refused to cut Spears' hair, so Spears grabbed the electric clippers and did it herself. She showed no emotion whatsoever in the video of her cutting her hair.

Tognozzi said she thinks Spears "needs her family and she wants love" and is "crying out for help and attention."

It didn't take long for several enterprising people to put up auctions on eBay for what they claim is Spears' hair. Several auctions are selling what they claim is the hair Spears shaved off at a Los Angeles hair salon Friday.

One auction claims to have the clippers she used. Several auctions are selling what they say is Spears' hair but not hair cut on Friday.

One auction is selling what it says is Spears' hair of a different sort -- from a Brazilian wax session. Still another auction is selling a Britney doll with the hair cut off.

One capitalist is using the term "Britney hair" just to direct people to his auction of hair off his cat's rear end. Esther Tognozzi, the salon owner where Spears shaved her head, tells the New York Daily News she kept the hair and it's in a safe place.

She said if Spears wanted to auction it for one of her charities, she would give it back to her.

Fans Debate Her Sanity

Britney fans either think she's gone off the deep end or is just reacting to the pressure of getting a divorce, having two young kids and being followed constantly by the media.

One fan wrote on a Spears message board that she "should be ashamed of herself," not only for shaving her head, but for marrying who the fans calls "Kevin Loserline."

Another fan wrote, "leave the poor girl alone!" That fan wants to give Spears some slack because fame didn't let her be a "normal" young person. The fan added, "I would hate to see Britney end up like Anna Nicole."

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