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: Alien Vampires
: 12:00
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: Seven Sins Club, & 5,

Darknet Promotion & Seven Sins Club Presents

Alien Vampires Live in Athens // Saturday 20 April 2013 // 7 Sins CLub

masters evil body music, Alien Vampires, Seven Sins Club 20 . black metal hits .

: 5 euro
: 00:00

On decks : Antonis S. & Arucard V. Devlin
Music : Industrial, EBM, Darkwave, Gothic, Electro

* Alien Vampires live on stage : 02:30

+ Nun show by : Zirconia & Desdemona


If there is one band who knows no single compromise in their work and attitude, it must be the rebellious Italian/British combo ALIEN VAMPIRES! With more than explicit and perverted lyrics, provocative nun fetish images, and extreme live shows, the band never cared about who they might offend! An attitude that definitely carried over into their music, an outrageous blend of harsh electro, goth metal and obscene industrial dance.

With 3 studio releases under their belt, and after relentless concerts across the globe which brought them on stages across South America, North America and throughout Europe, ALIEN VAMPIRES now announces the release of their new album, “Harshlizer” in the second half of 2010 on their new label: Alfa Matrix.

Founded in 2000 by Nysrok who wanted to explore different sonorities by blending psy trance, industrial, EBM and metal, ALIEN VAMPIRES was joined by Nightstalker in 2004 who also shared the same passion for Jam Montoya, bondage, s/m and drugs – elements that will affect and define the entire concept behind ALIEN VAMPIRES!

Active on both the electro / industrial and metal scenes, ALIEN VAMPIRES quickly gained a strong reputation through their powerful and eye-catching live performances and their frontal eclectic dance floor tunes, without mentioning their numerous collaborations with artists like SUICIDE COMMANDO, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES,

WARNING: the raging revolted cyber punks... The raving Aggro-tech boys... The one and only ALIEN VAMPIRES gang is back in town for your ultimate sonic pleasure: please hide the kids from your monitors: loud and explicit music is coming your way!


Seven Sins Club
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